General conditions



Johnstone, Eduarda & Jesus Lda. (JES), who also uses Quinta Rentals by JESⓇ, is a Portuguese company operating in Portugal, renting properties for holiday purposes and providing the services related thereto under the Alojamento Local regime.

These terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to the services provided by JES to any third parties booking holiday rentals at the properties made available by JES to that purpose (Guests). Any changes to these terms and conditions will be updated on our website.

These terms and conditions are governed by Portuguese Law and any dispute arising therefrom shall be submitted to the Portuguese courts.

These terms and conditions apply to the business-to-consumer (B2C) relationship between JES and the Guests. The relationship between JES and the owners of the properties (Owners) used by JES for the holiday rentals is governed by private agreements entered into for that purpose by the parties concerned.

In addition to the general policy and rules herewith, there may be specific rules for the use of each property as disclosed accordingly in the respective information on JES website.

By accessing a website owned by JES and completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below.

The information contained in the website is property of JES. Any download, reproduction or forwarding of the information, wholly or partially, for business purposes is strictly prohibited.



JES makes every effort to ensure that the accommodation is accurately described. All representations and descriptions made by JES or their employees in advertising, letters or by word of mouth are made in good faith but will not create any subsequent liability on them. The photos of the rental properties are accurate to the best of JES knowledge in accordance with the information provided to JES by the Owners and every effort is made to constantly update the information. Occasionally changes (i.e. furnishings) may change or vary for reasons beyond JES control and for which JES cannot accept responsibility.



A 35% DEPOSIT of the total cost quoted, must be paid within three (3) working days of booking, before a PROVISIONAL booking can be taken (until this deposit is in place, the booking remains an enquiry only and therefore can be booked by another Guest). If for any reason the Booking Deposit has still not been made by the due date, then JES has the right to cancel the booking. Payments are to be made by bank transfer or credit card; cheques are not accepted.  

Additional rental will be charged per person for the use of an extra folding bed, sofa bed (single or double) or cots. Therefore, please ask for more details before making your booking, as JES needs to ensure the property meets with your personal requirements.

The Deposit will be deducted from the total cost quoted to the Guest and the balance must be paid sixty (60) days prior to the commencement of the rental period for which the booking has been made. Once the balance has been paid, the booking is CONFIRMED. If for any reason full payment has not been made by the due date, then JES has the right to cancel the booking and retain any monies previously paid. For bookings made less than six (6) weeks prior to occupancy, payment in full is required for confirmation of booking. JES will contact you once fully confirmed, and all monies have been received.

Prices are subject to change and can increase or decrease over time due to variations in the exchange rate and special offers. Once a booking has been made however, the price is fixed and cannot be changed. All prices include VAT.

Please note that in-line with Portuguese Legislation, all rental properties have been AL registered and a copy of all visitors’ Passports or Identity Cards will be required for all Guests and kept at Reception. Your accommodation is reserved for a maximum of two (2) people per bedroom unless alternative arrangements have been made and authorised by JES.

Please ensure that the Lead Booker is over the age of 21. The rental property is reserved exclusively for the people named on the reservation confirmation (for which JES must have prior name details and passport/ID information, in accordance with our Privacy Policy) and must not be exceeded. No other person(s) is permitted to stay at the accommodation. Any additional person(s) staying at the property for whom JES does not have prior information will be asked to leave the property immediately.

It is the Guest’s responsibility to check any special passport or visa requirements. JES is unable to accept responsibility for failure to carry valid passports, visas or driving licenses.



Guests are asked for a Security Deposit against damages/loss of items (values range from €250 - €1.000 specified at the time of booking for each individual property); the Security Deposit will either be delivered upon payment of the balance or Guests may choose to provide JES with a pre-authorization to charge their credit card. Our main concern is to ensure that the property remains in good condition. When delivered upfront, the damage deposit will be returned within one month of departure if there are no damages. Occasionally, if there is something broken or damaged, the Security Deposit will be withheld until such time that the item has been replaced or the problem has been resolved. Payment for damage exceeding the Security deposit amount must be paid to JES in Euros.



From time to time JES may offer promotional discounts on bookings made for specific properties and within a specified time frame. The promotional discounts will only be valid while available online and under the conditions specifically disclosed and JES will not be bound to offer any discounts after the promotional campaigns concerned have expired. Existing bookings cannot be transferred to a property with a promotion at a later date, may it be the same property or a different one. If the client decided to cancel the booking or transfer the booking, the security deposit will be lost.



Electricity units are included in the properties’ rental price per week (Apartment = 200 units per bedroom; Villa = 500 units per bedroom). Guests using more than their allocated units of electricity will be asked to pay €0,26/unit (twenty-six cents), or alternatively this will be deducted from the Security Deposit.



For stays of 7 nights, the rates include a midweek bathroom towels change. For stays of over 7 nights then the rates include a weekly changeover clean, bathroom towel change and bedroom linen change.

Extra maid service can be requested at the time of booking kindly request it prior in writing and it will be charged accordingly. Maid Service (where applicable) includes bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and floors. The washing of personal laundry, kitchen pots, pans, dishes and the cleaning of the BBQ are not part of the maid service provided. Regrettably, should the maids be turned away by the Guests when they make their scheduled clean, they will not be permitted to return later and no monies will be refunded.

On departure if the property is not left in a reasonably clean and tidy condition and additional cleaning is necessary, a charge will be deducted from your security deposit.



All rental properties are self catering and thus a complimentary “starter pack” is left in the property. Depending on the size of the property this usually comprises of a small bar of soap, a small or medium size each of bath liquid, shampoo and conditioner will be found in the property together with a toilet roll in each bathroom. Further supplies (including toilet rolls) must be purchased by the Guest as and when the products are required.



It is the Guests responsibility to dispose of their garbage / rubbish in the local bins both during their holiday and at the end of their stay. 

On departure if the property is not left in a reasonably clean and tidy condition or if the garbage / rubbish has not been removed and disposed of and additional cleaning is necessary, an amount will be deducted from your security deposit.



At all times Guests are expected to have consideration for others. If Guests appear to be behaving in a way as to cause danger, disrespect, distress, annoyance, over occupying or damage to others e.g. Owners or Guests, JES staff or the property, JES may terminate your holiday arrangements immediately. In this case JES will have no further liability and will not be responsible for meeting any expenses incurred as a result, making any refund or paying compensation.

No noise is allowed between 12 p.m. and 8 a.m. and at other times if causing nuisance or annoyance to other Properties. Our Security company will be patrolling the site throughout the night and have been instructed to intervene on any persons in breach of this rule. Further, Notices will be served on those that persistently transgress and further action may and will be taken.

We hope you can show consideration to others that are also on holiday at this time.

For Rentals in a Condominium area, kindly respect the Condominium Rules so that we can welcome you back in future.  

Guests shall take care with fireplaces inside the property and be vigilant with children around fires and fireplaces. JES will not be liable for injury caused by negligence around fires and fireplaces. Please note that in the São Lourenço Condominium no fire BBQ’s are permitted.

Please strictly note that: No fireworks, all illegal substances or similar items may not be brought into any property under any circumstances by you or anyone in your party. 

During the stay Guests are responsible for ensuring that the property is locked up when going out and that they have their keys to get back in. Depending on the size of the accomodation one (1) or two (2) keys will be issued for Guests’ use.

Lost keys will mean that for security reasons a new lock will need to be procured and then fitted, plus the administration time involved, therefore a minimum charge of €100.00 plus 23% IVA. will be charged for this purpose.

 Vehicles shall be parked properly inside the defined parking areas and are not allowed to be parked on the grass or calçada (pavement)



The swimming pool is unguarded and therefore Guests using it must do so at their own risk. Diving is strictly not permitted in the Condominion Pool, furthermore Children must always be supervised by an adult.

Only plastic drinking glasses are permitted besides the pool. Guests must never take glassware to the poolside. These items must kindly be removed when leaving the pool area.

Guests should refrain from entering the pool with copious amounts of sun cream/tanning oil on their skin, as this will cause damage to the filtration system.

JES will immediately act upon the report of a malfunction of the swimming pool however; JES cannot be held responsible for any malfunction.



Smoking is not permitted at any of the properties. If we find that smoking has occurred at the property, we reserve the right to withhold the security deposit.



Depending on your rental accommodation there are no pets or animals  permitted on the premises.



In the event of a cancellation, notification must be made in writing by the person who made the booking to the following email address

Deposits (equivalent to 35% of your booking) are non-refundable while the balance (65% of the total balance) is only refundable taking into account the number of days remaining until Check-In.

The refund is dependent on the date of cancellation in relation to the commencement of the rental period:                                    

Refund Policy: 


More than 60 days prior to Check-in

         Refundable 100% of balance.

Less than 60 days prior to check-in

         Refundable 0% of balance


These percentages are proportions of the balance quoted (not including deposit). 

Failure to occupy the accommodation booked or decline the property prepared upon arrival (by the Guests) or changing of the dates, will be deemed as cancellation by the Guest and JES reserves the right to resell all or part of the booking without prejudice to the right to collect the cancellation charges in full.



Holiday Travel Insurance is not included in Guests’ booking; therefore, Guests may want to take this option into consideration when making the booking. We firmly recommend that Guests consider insurance cover for cancellation, personal accident & liability, medical expenses, loss of luggage, cash, documents, legal and theft etc. If Guests do bring valuables, please insure them individually for all eventualities, always lock them away or keep them on their person. Guests should always lock away their cash  / jewelry or alternatively keep it at all times with them.

JES accepts no responsibility for any material loss, as most of the properties are fitted with a safe.



If a property has security locks on the doors, lockable shutters, secondary locks on sliding doors and windows, and a safe for valuables and documents, we recommend that Guests use them for their own safeguarding. Please set the security alarms when they are installed (always ask the team taking care of you for demonstration on how to use).



JES will be under no liability whatsoever in the event of cancellation, withdrawal or alteration of any arrangements or any losses or accidental expenses caused by reasons of war, civil strife, strikes, sickness, quarantine, bad weather conditions, natural disaster, technical problems of any description, terrorist activities, closure of airports, or any other circumstances beyond their reasonable control.


JES will not be liable:

i. for any loss or damage to luggage or goods or personal belongings of the Guest other than caused by fault or negligence of JES’ employees during the stay of the Guest;

ii. for any actions of any third parties or the failure of any public service or supplies of a technical nature connected with the holiday arrangements over which JES have no direct control.

Subject to the limitations set out in these terms and conditions and to the extent permitted by law, JES shall only be liable for direct damages suffered, paid or incurred by a Guest due to an attributable shortcoming of our obligations in respect to our services. 

In the unlikely event, due to extraordinary circumstances that the accommodation should become unavailable after confirmation to the Guests (and payment made in full), JES will immediately advise the Guests thereof and every effort will be made to relocate and/or upgrade before refunding in full. Our aim will be to provide the Guests with suitable alternative accommodation similar to the property initially chosen and within a 20Km radius. If an alternative is not found, or if the Guests are not happy with the alternative, Guests will be entitled to a full refund of accommodation payments having been received by us.

In the unlikely event of failure of electrically supplied apparatus, JES cannot be held responsible, but will endeavor to assist Guests when possible and will ensure that any extra payment made for this service is refunded.

Any fault with any Air Conditioning unit will be given priority and every effort will be made to rectify quickly. By leaving all doors open the remaining units inside the property should sufficiently cool the property. We will make every effort to repair or find a portable unit if available. 



In the case of an emergency and Guests are unable to stay at their booked property we can allocate up to a fixed amount per person. This is based on the rate paid per person for Guests rental accommodation with JES.

Our emergency numbers are as follows:

JES Reception São Lourenço (+351) 289 394 711 / Almancil (+351) 289 396 466 including out of hours emergency call.



JES will take steps to monitor and advise Guests if any building work within a radius of up 50m is likely to affect the booked property during their stay. Should JES consider, at its sole discretion, that a neighboring building plot would seriously affect the property concerned with either noise and/or dust pollution, then we will use our reasonable endeavors to offer Guests an alternative property. If an alternative is not found, JES may, at its sole discretion, give Guests a discount on the price of the booking.

Where roadworks or public works occur at short notice or without notice, and which are outside of the control of the Owner or JES, we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience to the Guests.



In the unlikely event that Guests should have a complaint whilst on holiday, they should immediately inform customer service, who will do their best to resolve any problem without delay. Any claim against JES must be submitted in writing on the date of complaint and within 24 hours of departure date.



There are no definite changeover days (due to flights being available on most days). The property will be ready for arrivals after 16H00 and the departure time is 10H00. We ask Guests to help us to ensure the property concerned is ready for occupancy by informing us of the approximate time of arrival. Should the expected time of arrival be outside of normal operating hours, Guests must inform Reception to ensure the keys are left in a specially designed security key box at the property.

JES reserves the right to charge and issue an invoice for additional occupancy on a daily basis (using the Security Deposit) if the property is not vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure without written consent.

For Guests arriving at the airport we can help with your transport requirements, by arranging a taxi, car hire or VIP service. 



For any alterations or amendments to the bookings made, please contact the JES via the main telephone numbers or via email at

On behalf of everybody concerned, may we take this opportunity to THANK YOU for helping us make the rental property and space a wonderful place to stay for all to enjoy on holiday.

JES hopes that you are looking forward to your upcoming holiday and would like to wish you a pleasant stay.