Algarve Long Term Rentals - The Right Choice For You!

Algarve Long Term Rentals - The Right Choice For You!


Whether you are considering an escape plan for the upcoming cold winter days or just a getaway from the severe restrictions caused by the pandemic, the truth is that the new normal is here to stay and It has impacted every aspect of our lives, from the daily visit to the bakery all the way to your holidays.

Our current situation may have brought a halt to the world during the first few months of the year, but fortunately almost everyone has already gone back to work, some of us remotely and others are back in the office. Still, everyone wants to go on holidays in the safest way possible after such a long time cooped up in the house, but there are a few obstacles in the way of your dream holidays - like mandatory quarantine period should you travel to a country on the ban list.

As a response, a new trend in the holiday industry has emerged all over the globe: long term stays. A growing number of tourists are looking to spend more time abroad for several different reasons, from the opportunity to safely relax in a country that has not been affected by COVID-19 as badly as back home or even avoiding restrictions on travel banned countries. We now have the opportunity to experience and actually stay and live elsewhere while the situation cools off back home. While it is true that you want to relax and do virtually nothing during your holidays, the very definition of a holiday represents a short stay relaxing and enjoying yourself…but what if you could stay longer, enjoying the sun and weather, and even catch up on work at the same time?


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But in order to stay longer, you have to be somewhere you feel comfortable, safe. On one hand, hotels can get crowdy pretty fast, with small living space and always with the same people at the buffet eating the usual Thursday night seafood dinner. On the other hand, most apartments available online are not actually available to rent long term, only accommodating travellers for a week.

Renting long term at an apartment or a villa in the Algarve gives you control over your living space, choosing larger properties in more remote destinations. In the Algarve you can choose to stay anywhere from a secluded villa by the beach to a comfortable apartment in a lovely private condominium.


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Longer stays during your holidays are a good option.

Due to the uncertainty that we are currently living as these new rules are changing almost every day, it might be a good idea to stay somewhere comfortable and safe for a while.

The Algarve is one of the safest regions in Europe, with almost no new cases per day. The Portuguese are also very strict with the restrictions that have been imposed, hence safety being a key-point of Portuguese tourism.

Instead of going back and forth during your holiday season, you may just find yourself happier here in the Algarve. The climate is great all year round!




You can work remotely from anywhere, so why not here?

If you have the option to work remotely from home, why not do it from here? The Algarve offers an amazing quality of life with beautiful weather all year round and fantastic internet coverage in Quinta do Lago with Lazer, the official internet provider for those early morning online meetings. Can you imagine working on your laptop right at the beach with the soothing waves in the background? Even the time zone is the same between Portugal and the UK, so no need to work odd hours to stay connected back home.


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It is a good financial decision to stay longer.

Staying on your work-cations for a longer period of time may actually turn out to be a good investment, as your expenses are more spread out during the stay and you get to work in the meantime.

For tax purposes both Portugal and the UK have a double taxation agreement that allows you to pay tax in only one country, making life easier for long term stayers. There is also the Portuguese non-habitual residency status, or NHR, that can allow you to benefit from a flat income tax rate as opposed to tax brackets. The cost of living in Portugal is also considerably more reasonable particularly if you are working remotely.




Amenities right at your doorstep.

Long-term stays in a sheltered, quiet location like San Lorenzo Village (backlink sl page) in Quinta do Lago also have its benefits: Practicing social distancing is so much easier when all the residents are actually living in a spread out, open environment as opposed to a big, crowded city. The houses are also secluded with their own private terraces.

Most of these long-term rental opportunities also include certain amenities, such as cleaning once a week and exclusive 24/7 assistance with a professional property management agency.


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Your family can move here.

Moving your family to a different country can be a troublesome and complicated process. Fortunately, the Algarve has all the conditions for taking care of your family! The Algarve has number of international schools that operate in accordance with Portuguese law and follow the academic curriculum of UK schools. We can certainly recommend the Vilamoura International School, a well-known name in the Algarve with over 36 years of experience. There are also several extra-curricular activities for the children, including local football clubs such as the Louletano and the Farense.

Right near Quinta do Lago there is also the HPA Hospital, in the Gambelas area near Faro. The healthcare group that manages the hospital has over 20 years of experience, and the HPA Gambelas Hospital is a landmark in Algarve healthcare.

With an average of 3000 hours of sunny weather, the Algarve has no shortage of activities to engage in as a family! This could be anything from horse riding right near Vale do Lobo to a wonderful afternoon at the karting tracks in Almancil.


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