The Best Beach Restaurants In The Algarve!

The Best Beach Restaurants In The Algarve!


Are you finally ready to visit the Algarve? It is no secret that the beautiful Portuguese beaches can ensnare even the strongest of will. But what is it that makes or breaks the deal? After all, could it be the views? The beautiful waves of the Atlantic are just mesmerizing as they hit the shoreline. Could it be the sand? Taking a sunset afternoon walk in silky-smooth sand is literally therapeutical for your health! Or could it be... the food?

Eating right at the beach, getting sand all over your plate may not seem like the perfect idea at a first glance. Usually you just picnic at the beach with a handful of sandwiches and some carton juice boxes, right?

Well not in the Algarve! We have some of the best traditional Portuguese food right by the beach, with a side of oceanside view. From juicy seafood platters to a tasty BBQ of grilled beef, take your pick from our list of the best beachside restaurants in the Algarve.


BJ's Oceanside - Almargem Beach, Almancil


Bex and J have started BJ's Oceanside Restaurant over 10 years ago, so these two expats are more than experienced at making you feel right at home.

The restaurant is located right in the shoreline in Almargem Beach with a beautiful view of the coast near Vale do Lobo. The restaurant has just been upgraded with a huge brand-new wooden deck right atop the beach so you will be more than comfortable with the ocean breeze cooling you off.

BJ's specializes in fantastic seafood dishes, with fresh fish and seafood from the local market in Quarteira. The fishermen here work daily to provide fresh catches that are sold right to the people every morning.

At BJ's you will be able to try anything from juicy shrimps and fresh clams served literally in a platter to a wonderful Mediterranean seabass dish cooked just right.

The staff are like family, and they make sure to treat you just like that. Friendly and thoughtful, the BJ family will make the best experience during your stay.

And don't forget about the music! You can find a live band playing the best tunes in the afternoon, creating a brilliant atmosphere for a wonderful time.


bjs oceanside

Source: BJ's Oceanside


Izzy's - Vale do Lobo


Izzy's a stylish beachside restaurant located on the Garrão just outside Vale do Lobo. Built over the rocks just by the beach, the moment you walk in you can feel laid back atmosphere. You can sit outside in the lounge, decorated with lovely white and blue furniture for that relaxing sea vibe. And what a view! You can taste the salty ocean just from where you're sitting!

Rory O'Shea has been the long-standing manager at Izzy's for quite some time now, and alongside his wonderful team work daily to make sure the experience is up to par with the view.

The restaurant is actually quite private, and you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood platters, big juicy tiger prawns, some famous piri piri chicken just to spice up your lunch. Grilled steak is also on the menu, and it is tasty. Followed with a crisp glass of wine, you can't get much better than this.

If you are in the mood for a weekend cocktail, Izzy's also has live music in the afternoons for a relaxing sunset hangout.



Source: Izzy's


Gigi's - Quinta do Lago


Finding this restaurant is an adventure on its own. Gigi's is built on a little sand dune right in Quinta do Lago beach, surrounded by smooth white sand and with a view of the ocean that goes as far as the eye can see.

But there is a catch: in order to get there, you have to cross the iconic long wooden bridge that connects the beach to the mainland, as these are separated by the stunning Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Gigi's is very much, a wooden rustic shack. But do not let looks deceive you because as soon as you see those yellow parasols, you are in for a treat. The authentic Portuguese staff and the shack feel create a wonderful cozy atmosphere for indulging in a great lunch.

Seafood is the word around here: Prawns, clams, mussels - you name it. At Gigi's seafood is sold by the kilo, so be ready for a feast. The food is colorful, vibrant. Rich in taste and flavour, Gigi and the crew will cook up real food for real people.

This restaurant is well known in Quinta do Lago, and everyone will tell you how great the food is. But what you might not hear about is how equally amazing the Sangria is.

An Iberian classic, this beverage will knock your socks off if you are not careful. Then again, why are you bringing socks to the beach?

Gigi's has all sorts of clients, from local Portuguese regulars to tourists that just want to come and try a piece of the action. But the feel stays the same. The restaurant has been in business for over 20 years, and it shows. If you want to give it a shot, your best bet is to book a table in advance, as during most days you just can't get a table there! If you happen to be reading this right before lunch, call +351 964 045 178 to book a table, or just let us know and we will book it straight for you.





Sandbanks - Vale do Lobo


Sandbanks is a relaxing restaurant perfect for a light breakfast or a relaxed lunch meal right in Vale do Lobo. It is right in Vale do Lobo's main restaurant square, where all the action is! With live music during the summer and a children's play area with entertainment and even a bouncy castle, this place is fit for whole family!

This vegan-friendly restaurant has a number of options to choose from, starting at spicy curry with basmati rice and poppadom, and an amazing three bean casserole served with sourdough toast, these are fantastic options for vegans.

The restaurant also has seafood dishes, including those fantastic panko prawns served with African rice and spicy mango sauce! Or maybe a Portuguese styled Perch, served with tomato sauce and sauté potatoes, and a touch of white wine.

The restaurant is a great option for the family, and if you would like to take part in fighting for animal rights, the team at Sandbanks work in partnership with ARA - Animal Rescue Algarve, so you are helping by enjoying your time here.



Source: SandBanks Vale do Lobo


Estaminé - Faro Desert Island


If you are looking for a private gastronomic experience, it does not get much better than this. The one-of-a-kind restaurant Estaminé is located in Faro's Island "Deserta", meaning deserted - literally the only building in the island is the restaurant!

In order to get there, you have to get a boat from the Marina in Faro. We can recommend a lovely yacht tour to the island with iSea, and on the way you get to experience what the Ria Formosa is all about! Or if you are just that hungry how about a quick ride with Animaris? They offer ferries all day long! Just let us know what your plans are and we can arrange transportation for you!

The experience of having lunch here just tops it all. You are literally on a small island, surrounded by nothing but sand and ocean, and of course, awesome food.

Estaminé offers a wide variety of local dishes from fresh oysters to sardine cooked in charcoal grilling, lobster served with a delicious clam rice and fresh coriander, even juicy squids served with chips. Fish, seafood and even some meat courses are available. You can check the menu here.

The island is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the fantastic Ria Formosa Natural Park. Classified as a Ramsar site, the Ria is system of barrier islands with unique wildlife from white flamingos to the Purple Swamp Hen. Don't worry, these are not considered local delicacies!



Source: Estaminé Restaurant


Tropical Beach Club - Faro


Going back to Faro island you will find a picturesque beachside village with a lovely 80's feelings. The island has homes and restaurants right on the coast, with a big bright beach that extends right to your doorstep. Here you can find the modern Tropical Beach Club, a hip place in the Algarve with a relaxing vibe.

You can spot the lounge from between rest through their bright pink and green lounge chairs. The fun vibe carries on to the restaurant, and to the food!

You can enjoy some fresh salads for a hot afternoon, maybe fresh octopus salad tickles your fancy. Or some classic clam chowder that just hits the spot. You can also enjoy some more simple meals, like a lovely pizza for the children or some beef skewers with a side of chips.

The Tropical Beach Club is also a great place for an afternoon cocktail, with live djs and a big rooftop for cool hangout parties. The rooftop has modern glass walls for a 360º view of the ocean and the Ria, and an awesome bar for those lovely gins.


tropical beach club

Source: Tropical Beach Club


Rei das Praias- Tavira


If you venture out into Tavira be sure to visit the King - Literally, the restaurant is called the King of the Beaches!

Established in 1976 the Rei das Praias has been a marker in Algarve cuisine like no other. The restaurant is located in the Praia dos Caneiros just outside Tavira. You can certainly relax here, as the beach offers lovely sunbeds for a day out in the beach, and there are even massage tents for that extra pampering. The restaurant has a fantastic, modern lounge with an unrivalled view of the ocean. If you happen to go for dinner, you can even see the sunset right from your table.

And for the food, this team has over 40 years of experience cooking the freshest seafood in the Algarve. The restaurant takes pride in working together with the best oyster farmer in the region, so they can deliver the freshest orders right to your plate.

At Rei's you can have some fantastic Turbot found only in European waters, roasted to perfection, and served with baked potatoes. They also serve some fantastic White Grouper that just pairs nicely with some crisp white wine. And if you happen to visit during the summer you will be able to try some fantastic sardines that the Portuguese are well known for! These are only served here from July to September to guarantee the freshest dishes, so do not wait around any longer.

The restaurant also has its own Port that pairs nicely with the fish, and it is a must. Their reputation is so well known that anyone in Tavira will tell you just how famous the restaurant is.


Bóia Bar - Budens


If you happen to go out to the West Coast of the Algarve there is a lovely village named Budens near Vila do Bispo, just outside Sagres. This place has been growing in popularity thanks to its fantastic views of the coast, the rocky cliffsides like Ponta da Piedade and the secret beaches in-between the grottoes that create the perfect hideaway.

Here in Budens lies an awesome restaurant called Boia Bar that specializes in Mediterranean food cooked Portuguese-style. A humble, authentic restaurant, Boia is an underrated beachside restaurant right in Salema Beach, or Praia da Salema in Portuguese.

The friendly Portuguese team at Bóia are experts at home meals, serving Sea Bass and Snappers with a fantastic tomato rice just like the Portuguese grandmas used to.

The fresh mussels and prawns at Bóia are amazing, followed with the crisp house wine that pairs nicely with these delicacies.

And all this getting that cool breeze overlooking the ocean. Bóia is actually located in a lovely cove in the beach, quietly set away from the big mess of the city.


bóia restaurant

Source: Bóia Bar Restaurant