Plan Your Perfect Flight To The Algarve!

Plan Your Perfect Flight To The Algarve!


Travelling abroad on holiday is always exciting, especially when travelling to a relaxing destination such as the Algarve.But can you imagine being stuck in the boarding queue, drooling over that relaxing beachside with a mojito in hand… and suddenly, you get stopped! Your luggage is slightly heavier than you had anticipated. You just had to bring that extra jacket! Or even worse, you forgot to download the kids' show off Netflix - you are in for a wonderfully agitated flight.

If you want to prevent finding yourself in a pickle during your flight to Faro, we recommend that you have a read through our guide on how to plan the perfect flight.




Choosing the right airport


When you have finally decided to travel to the Algarve the obvious choice from the Portuguese airports is the local, central based airport of Faro. The official IATA designation is FAO, so remember to check the boarding panels for this code.

The airport is located just 4 miles off the city, so you can expect a quick 5-minute drive once you land. The airport has just been expanded, so you can expect a bigger, more comfortable arrival zone if you have previously travelled here.

The airport also has a variety of stores from Sunglass Hut to Swarovski for any time you happen to wait pre-flight, or for any last-minute shopping before you return home. You will also find fast food restaurants like Burger King and Subway, coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and the Portuguese coffeeshop Delta, and even two pubs, Mulligan's, and Carlsberg's Sports Bar.

You will also find several ATMs, free wi-fi, a pharmacy and along with other various stores, a duty-free store available before boarding.

There is also a number of car rental firms from Hertz to Sixt, or if you prefer you can contact us directly and we will assure you for a vehicle waiting right outside your property when you arrive.

Portugal has been following all the necessary safety and health protocols, and airports are no exception. You can expect to have your temperature taken upon arrival and mandatory mask usage indoors.




Booking your flight


Once you figure out what airport you are off to, it is now time to book your tickets.

The average flight time from the UK to Faro is 3 hours for all direct flights, so you will not be in the plane for too long.

There are several companies that fly direct flights from different locations in the UK straight to Faro Airport, so we have compiled a small list for you:

London, Gatwick

British Airways; EasyJet; Norwegian;

London, Heathrow

British Airways; 

London, Stansted

British Airways; Thomas Cook Airlines; Ryanair;

Manchester; Ryanair; Thomas Cook Airlines;  


EasyJet; Ryanair;

Edinburgh, Turnhouse; Ryanair; 

Glasgow, International



EasyJet;; Ryanair;


Flybe; Ryanair;


If you would like some assistance in the booking process feel free to contact Quinta Rentals and we will be happy to book a flight for you. 

Be sure to remember to check the appropriate boarding gate travelling to FAO in accordance with your airline.




Packing your bags


When the big day finally comes you will want to have your bags all packed and ready to go.

Just like any other airport, in Faro the rules and regulations apply to everyone. As far as luggage goes, you are not allowed to take any liquids in your hand luggage, and it is advisable that you carry only your essentials with you, as to prevent any further delays during baggage checks.

In case you are bringing any medicine such as tablets or insulin needles, we advise you to bring a prescription, just in case.

Much like liquids, under no circumstance will you be allowed to bring any products with compressed air, such as deodorant sprays.

If you happen to smoke you are allowed to carry tobacco with you, but you must not smoke anywhere in the airport or in the airplane itself, with exception to any designated areas deemed appropriate.

Depending on the airline chosen there will be a limit to how much your hold luggage can have. With British Airways for example, the limit is 23 and 32 kilos, depending whether your flight is European or International, respectively.


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Enjoy your flight


Now that the time has finally come, remember to prepare a checklist with all the necessary baggage and personal items that you need to bring with you, such as your passport, boarding tickets, medicine, a phone charger or a power bank for your mobile and tablet - on that note, do remember to download a movie off Netflix to keep you and the children entertained during the flight.

Although only a very limited number of airlines within Europe offer wi-fi, such as Norwegian Air, this is a unique opportunity to relax and disconnect. After all, a 3-hour flight may seem short, but when was the last time the phone gave you a break with those email notifications.


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Your holiday in Algarve awaits you, so be sure to keep these friendly tips in mind and enjoy your flight!